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At Sinai Homes and Properties, we're not just building homes; we're crafting dreams. Our commitment to excellence shines through every brick and beam, creating new, good-quality, and affordable living spaces. Step behind the scenes and see the magic happen – the dedication, the artistry, and the transformation. Click on the button below to see ogoing projects

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One of Sinai Homes and Properties core values and watch word for practice is 'INTEGRITY'. We are committed to keeping our word and we prove this by running a transparent system. Book an appointment today, and a trusted agent will be available to give you a tour as you inspect any home of your choice from amongst our properties.

Modern Designs

"At Sinai Homes and Properties, we believe in the power of modern designs to shape the future of real estate. Our commitment to crafting new, good-quality, and affordable homes is reflected in every detail of our innovative designs. Explore our modern creations, where style meets functionality, and discover the epitome of contemporary living.

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SINAI Group: An Emerging Force In Real Estate – (Independent news Nigeria)

"Sinai Homes and Properties is the fastest growing Estate development company in the South Eastern part of Nigeria, a multinational industrial conglomerate of the SINAI Group...

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Welcome to Sinai Homes

Sinai Homes and Properties CEO

Chibueze Ifediora


Welcome to Sinai homes and properties which offers you Luxurious life of comfort and ease.
Utmostly committed to giving you great value for your money.
Invest in one the fastest rising estates in the whole of South East Nigeria which has a sense of community and top notch security second to none.
Sinai homes is the perfect place for those looking to diversify their portfolios and maximise returns. Why not give us a try and secure your future NOW

Camberwall Advantage 5

Off Freedom Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Starting from


Camberwall Advantage 5

Off Freedom Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Starting from


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